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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Question? Here’s Your Answer!

Are you still puzzled, and a ton of questions are running in your mind? Not anymore! We’ve responded to the ‘most asked’ queries so you can understand the nitty gritty of our services.

Biography writing takes a lot of effort and time compared to any other book. Since it's a person's life story, they usually come up with plenty of instructions and living up to that requires time. However, our ghostwriters are fast enough to do it within 10-20 days only.

Once you place the order, we begin with the interview process. The assigned biography expert will come on a call or a zoom meeting with you so you can share your life story in your own words. The writer is also kept in the loop so they can fully understand your requirements and expectations.

The process is fairly simple. All you have to do is reach us, and our representative will connect you to the best resource. Our writers are the best and specialise mainly in the biography genre. Their years of experience and command of writing make them the best writers.

That’s never an issue! Although we’re sure you’ll fall in love with our creativity and portrayal of your story, the free revision option is always on standby. Review the draft and share your feedback so we can make the tweaks. Remember, you don’t have to pay anything for revisions.

Our main objective is to provide you with the best writing so you can stay satisfied. To continue your satisfaction, we keep the process low-key, and only a few people within the company are aware of the project. With such strict checks, we ensure your privacy is always protected.

To ensure you get a specific writing style or tone, you have to communicate that before the process begins. During the interview process, you can come up with the guidelines and discuss your specific requirements. Our writers will follow your specifics to complete the book.

Never! You’re saved from the curse of royalties or hidden charges if you’re partnering with us. Once you pay for the services, you’ll be the sole owner of the book. So, wherever you publish the book and earn any revenues from it, it will be yours. All book profits go to your pocket.

Although the market prices are jacked up, we always come in with a wave of affordability for newbies or seasoned authors. Our biography ghostwriting depends on various factors like the number of pages and deadline. However, typically our prices start as low as £1,000 only in UK.